Family law:

 Family law is a diverse legal field that effects the rights of spouses, parents, children and many other role players. It is our realization that clients are facing a daily struggle with obtuse and obstructive institutions that are causing endless frustration and delays in family law related matters and that persons are not necessarily equipped to fully deal with these issues. We offer clients an understanding shoulder and professional legal assistance, specifically with the following matters but not limited thereto: 


  • Settlement and litigation of divorce matters. Our firm handles divorce matters from the inception of the matter until finalization thereof, which includes settlement negotiations, drafting and service of pleadings and court appearances on behalf of our clients. Our staff has a comprehensive knowledge of the legislation that applies to these matters and that deals with various aspects relating thereto, such as the legislation regulating the maintenance payable between spouses (spousal maintenance) and in respect of minor children or children that are not yet financially independent. 
  •  Any matter concerning the protection and promotion of the rights of children. These matters can be very complex and emotionally draining for any party involved. We set out to ensure that the rights of any child involved in a dispute between co-holders of parental rights and responsibilities, or other persons with an interest in the well being of the child, enjoys priority. These matters include the preparation of parenting plans with the assistance of a qualified mediator and applications to convert parenting plans into court orders, as well as applications regarding contact rights to, primary care of, maintenance of, and guardianship of minor children. 
  • There is always an attorney on hand to assist clients with the relevant court processes and to appear in court on behalf of clients in all urgent matters pertaining to any aspects of family law.